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Dental payment plans will help you to budget for your private dental care to maintain or improve your oral health.

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It’s important to note that most of the dental procedures performed at DAVINCI dental clinic benefit from a QUALITY ASSURANCE CERTIFICATE*. Because the price of a dental treatment shouldn’t become a decision factor when it comes to quality!

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Down below you can find average costs of dental procedures performed in our dental clinic. Treatments in DAVINCI dental clinic are done individually and that is why the fees are discussed personally only during the consultation session. The total cost of a dental treatment is not calculated according to pricing templates, being established only on the basis of the individual and precise treatment plan. It is established on the basis of an exact specialist diagnosis as a result of thorough clinical and radiological investigations that necessarily imply the presence of the patient. Each case corresponds with indications, degrees of difficulty, as well as different costs. Schedule an Appointment for your Dental Consultation TODAY

Dental Care Cost Estimates

For an accurate estimation, 2 things are needed: the initial diagnosis that includes all the clinical data and the final design that will integrate the desired aesthetics with the biological, functional and structural principles.

The treatment plan is digitally planned and visually presented in a simplified way so that You understand each step. Detailed explanations of the procedures, costs and alternatives will be communicated to the patient immediately after consultation. We want to offer You the most flexible payment options, so You can benefit from our services, to the highest standards.

  • tratamente CARIE icon

    Hygiene and decay treatments

    ( hygiene, air-polish, dental fillings)

    between 400-750 lei

  • ENDO icon

    Endodontics treatments

    (dental root canal treatment)

    between 200-900 lei


    Dental surgery

    ( dental extractions, apicoectomies)

    between 250-1000 lei


    Prosthodontics and aesthetic procedures

    ( inlays-onlays, porcelain veneers, Zirconia and Porcelain crowns and bridges, Digital Smile Design )

    between 540 lei - 4000 lei


    Children's Dentistry

    between 200-500 lei


    Periodontal treatments

    (non-surgical treatments and periodontal plastic surgery)

    between 600-3000 lei


    Dental Implantology

    ( dental implants, bone augmentation)

    between 3000-10000 lei


    Teeth Straightening

    dental braces, aligners

    between 350 euro și 750 euro

  • caz interdisciplinar icon

    Multidisciplinary approach to a complex case

    full mouth rehabilitation

    even for an approximate cost, you need to book an appointment to dental specialist or to send us adental X-ray

  • investigatii icon

    Clinical oral investigations

    ( bacteriological analysis, dental X-ray, intraoral scanning)

    between 70-400 lei

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