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Dental Implant

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  • FREE First consultation
  • Complete treatment plan
  • Dental implant Surgery
  • Full TIME personal patient Care COORDINATOR
  • FREE transport from airport
  • 1 day free accomodation for extended treatment plans

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Dental Implant

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  • FREE First consultation
  • Complete treatment plan
  • Dental implant Surgery
  • Full TIME personal patient Care COORDINATOR
  • FREE transport from airport
  • 2 day free accomodation for extended treatment plans

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Nobel Biocare

Dental Implant

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  • FREE First consultation
  • Complete treatment plan
  • Dental implant Surgery
  • Lifetime product guarantee
  • Full TIME personal patient Care COORDINATOR
  • FREE transport from airport
  • 3 day free accomodation for extended treatment plans


DAVINCI dental clinic is a leading clinic for implantology and prosthetics in Moldova, which was founded by Dr Sergiu Fusu after many years of experience.

His vision of implementing the new concept in dentistry, is through fusion of continuous professional education and the highest standards of treatments. That arises from years of experience in private practice and more than 8000 patients who were treated by doctor Sergiu Fusu and his team who shares his vision and turns it into a new reality.

The foundation of DAVINCI dental clinic is constant education and learning from extraordinary professionals who help us focus on converting our visions into a future by mentoring us. We really do make the best dental implants abroad.

Efficacy of installing dental implants in our clinic is 99 %, and if patients follow the advice given by our dentists regarding oral hygiene and regular check-ups, we offer the lifelong guarantee of installed dental implants.

Why DAVINCI dental clinic?

Because our specialists strives for perfection. We base all cases on the Digital concept in dentistry from planning the implantology surgery to final aesthetic prosthetic dental rehabilitation.

On our journey towards perfection, we enrich our patients lives by bringing a smile back on their faces and freeing their personality from complexes. Patients share with us the emotions they go through during their journey to a perfect smile and this make us happy people. In those cases we share an honest feeling of changing life for the better, emotion of raising the quality of life, emotion of happiness. That is why we are proud of choosing dentistry as our profession, because no other profession is like this one.


In our clinic, we fully commit to every patient, and we make a unique, precise therapy plan for each patient. That is why we have a complex interdisciplinary approach wich starts with getting a complete picture of health picture.

When the patient arrives in our clinic, to gain the most accurate insight into his dental health, we do a variety of diagnostic procedures where a good X-ray is one of the essential elements in the diagnostic procedure. 3D X-ray is a fundamental element of planning the treatment when a condition requires so.

Treatment. What we do?

Dental Implants

Creating you new smile, we use world-class materials. That is why we overcome a functional and aesthetic challenge of a lost tooth using the best dental implant system.

The treatment with dental implants complements a healthy and beautiful smile with its quality and characteristics. Materials used to make implants are biocompatible, and they will last a lifetime

Porcelain Crowns

Even if a tooth has lost a great part of its structure through decay or other lesion, it is possible for it to still remain alive. But this tooth will no longer function and look as it should be, so it could negatively influence a smile, otherwise beautiful.

To achieve a perfect aesthetic, natural look of a tooth and firmness, we use ceramic crowns. We follow modern prosthetic therapy. Using various systems of ceramic treatment, we get the best results. ( (More details)

Zirconia Crowns

To achieve a perfect smile, we use zirconium crowns because the emphasis is on the natural look. Crowns used in our clinic are made with advanced CAD/CAM technology, which means that they are incredibly high quality, durable and they look natural.

If you want a glistening, healthy and natural smile, please contact us. ( MOre details)

Endodontics treatments

The endodontic treatment is essential for the long-term oral health, ensuring at the same time maximum comfort related to the total lack of pain due to “pain FREE” solutions offered by DAVINCI dental clinic.

The high-technology and the experience of doctors have become vital in providing a beautiful and healthy smile. MORE DETAILS


In our clinic, we use dental veneers for achieving high aesthetics of your smile. Using veneers we can change shape, width, and colour of existing teeth and they are usually placed on the front, vital teeth.

Our architects of smiles use the most modern materials to achieve perfectly beautiful and natural new smile for our patient. If you want to have a perfect smile and are looking for the best dental veneers, turn to us with confidence!I

Oral Surgery and Bone Grafting

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is one of the most complex dentistry department as it is based on diagnosis and surgery treatment to the face, mouth, bone, teeth as well as joints (maxillofacial area). The dental implant is anchored within bone.

Extraction followed by the lack of prosthesis represents a major cause of maxillary bone resorption. Bone restoring and regeneration has been one of our main concerns for many years. We own the experience qualification and technology to offer you the best results în bone addition and augmentation treatment. More details


Fast and Fixed, ALL-ON-6 and ALL-On-4 BEST IN CLASS Revolutionary System

Do you need several dental implants? Then this is the solution you are looking for!

DAVINCI dental clinic offers you the easiest, quick and minimally invasive method for achieving a smile makeover, combining the best implanto-prosthetic technology perfection and the experience of our experts in dental implantology:

  • 1. Fast & Fixed System by Bredent

  • 2. ALL-On-4 by Nobel Biocare

  • 3. ALL-on-6

What that means

Extraction + Implant insertion + Immediate fixed denture placement!

Fixed dentures are no longer a dream for patients with toothless jaw and little bone volume.

Orthodontics and clear Aligners

Studies run by specialists show us that a person with beautiful and healthy teeth smiles more, is healthier and is more self-confident. Orthodontics is a branch of modern dentistry that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of certain dental disorders and anomali es and facial bones with the help of dental braces

At Davinci dental clinic we offer a range of dental braces: metallic, ceramic and sapphire and also invisible treatment with dental clear aligners.

Digital Smile Design

DSD is a computerized process that simulates the outcome of the treatment, thus allowing results visualization of the procedures to be performed just before the first treatment session.

Modern dental rehabilitation planning process that enables detailed planning of the treatment, and the real insight into what is to be achieved by creating a prosthetic work for the patient. MORE DETAILS

Periodontal treatment

If you are diagnosed with severe gum recession, in order to protect your teeth healthy, a gum graft (gum surgery) may be needed. This surgical intervention helps you improve your smile appearance.

At DAVINCI dental clinic with a careful assessment based on valuable investigations, proper and efficient diagnosis it is possible to completely stop the periodontal disease evolution.

Facial Aesthetics – REJUVENATE Packages

At Davinci dental clinic we offer a range of cosmetic dermatological procedures that will visibly rejuvenate your appearance and offer you a flawless look. To us, aesthetics is more than a beautiful smile.

Following the model of USA dental clinics, we have designed the REJUVENATE® program by means of which you benefit from cosmetic dentistry and facial cosmetic procedures during one appointment at DAVINci dental clinic. Thus, we offer you the chance to choose the most effective injection solutions for wrinkle reduction, facial contour correction and lip remodelling.

Through this unique program we aim at bringing our patients’ comfort to another level.


So many advantages for you to benefit from!

Benefits when travelling

  • All team members are fluent in English

  • Our patient coordinator speak fluent in italian

  • Free airport transfer

  • Free help with arranging accommodation

  • 70% cheaper than the EUROPE

  • 24h email and phone support

  • Same highest quality services as in your country

  • The perfect mix between a comfortable dental experience and Moldavian tourism

  • Fully guaranteed dental treatment and procedures.

Your New Smile

9 steps guide to Dental Treatment Abroad











Dental treatment abroad may seem very difficult to plan and this is why we created a useful check-list with all the arrangements needed to be done before, during and after your dental holiday.

Request a complete dental treatment plan


The contact form – will help you keep in touch with the dental clinic and the new treatments available, as well as special offers and discounts.



Offering an accurate dental treatment plan implies collecting all the necessary information regarding your dental status. That is why it is important for you to also send us a set of RX, a CT or even clinical photos.



We know the importance of a quick reply. That is why, your dental tourism consultant, will contact you immediately after receiving your request. You will have the occasion to offer him additional information and to build a relationship based on trust and understanding with our representative.



You are almost done!

After gathering all the information, a multidisciplinary medical team will evaluate your dental status and in 48 hours our patient coordinator and your coordinating doctor will send you the overview on your dental restoration stages, the treatment duration and the general costs for each stage.

This represents a complete set of information about your dental treatment so you can decide if we are the right choice for you.



If you feel like getting in touch with our clinic before completing the online form, please feel confident to contact our patient coordinator by e-mail or by phone 0741 20 70 00.

We speak very well English, French, Italian and Russian so you do not have to worry about any possible difficulties in communication.

Feel confident to ask for more information on the international certifications and the clinical experience of our medical team. You can also explore the latest digital technologies available in our clinics.

Before the Trip



In most cases, patients coming from UK, France, Italy, United States or even Australia choose to combine their dental treatments with a relaxing holiday in Moldova. This is why dental tourism in our country is highly active in spring and summer.

Another recommendation is to choose a suitable date by first checking the prices of the flights so you find the option that best suits you.



Before coming to Moldova for your treatment, you will have enough time to discuss to our dental tourism consultant about your scheduled appointments, your doctor and the dates and hours you are available to come. It will help you enjoy a beautiful experience while getting a restorative treatment.



Chisinau International Airport is 12 km from DAVINCI dental clinic, has commercial relationships with and provides services to airlines and passengers from around the world. You can easily find flights to Chisinau at accessible prices. You can book the flight on your own or we can offer our support to find a good offer for a round-trip flight, depending on the date planned for the trip to DAVINCI dental clinic

We offer all our patients transfer from the airport to the clinic or to the hotel, and also between the clinic and the hotel, so that you can arrive relaxed and in time for the appointment.



Here are several options for you to consider:

An apartment in the town center and close to the dental clinic: this is the cheapest option and has the benefit of no check-out time.

A hotel about 10 min walk from the clinic. There is a full range of 3, 4 or 5 star hotels Let us know if you want us to make these arrangements for you, as special discounts may apply. After completing the steps above, simply book the flights, send the flight details to us an let us know which type of accommodation you prefer. We will take care of the rest. What’s next? You will receive an email with practical information about your flight, accommodation and treatment, together with a list of places to visit, restaurants and many other tips for a great Moldavian holiday.

During your stay


WELCOME TO DAVINCI dental clinic

We will first meet at the airport. Welcoming you is our first concern! No matter where your accommodation is, we ensure a free complimentary transport for you.If you wish to take you directly to our dental clinics, the journey takes about 20 minutes in normal traffic.

Also, all our patients receive a free welcome pack including: a map of the town, keys to your apartment or a printed hotel confirmation, a folder with specific information about Davinci dental clinic, your future treatments and a printed schedule of your appointments at Davinci dental clinic. If needed, we can help you get a local phone number during your stay.


All the procedures in your treatment are guaranteed, some of them for life. Still, in the unlikely case that you ever have any problems, we provide replacement or repair of the treatment FREE of charge. And just because we like to know that your new smile is there to last for many years to come, you’ll have to follow the advice given by our dentists regarding oral hygiene and regular check-ups. It is very important to see him once a year for a check-up and every 6 months for the professional cleaning.



To make sure we deliver a successful treatment and the perfect esthetic result, during your first visit, after you meet your doctor and you take an up-to-date digital OPG X-ray, you will discuss with him what are your expectations, your main dental problems and what your desired smile looks like. Your doctor will closely look after you while you undergo all the procedures in your dental plan so you know exactly what is going to happen in each session.


A final treatment plan and quotation is then made up by our treatment coordinator while you have a cup of tea or coffee, watch TV or surf the internet using our free WI-FI.

Dental Warranty

Your Dental Work Is Guaranteed by Our Clinic

The guarantee certificate proves the proficiency of our team and the fact that our equipment and applied technologies meet the highest requirements.

DAVINCI dental clinic offers you guarantee for the fixed and mobile dental works and for implants.

In the event of a flaw in the dental work, executed together with the dental technical laboratory, you can request guarantee for the works (treatments) done in the DAVINCI dental clinic.

The guarantee of the treatments through dental implant is only valid if all steps of the treatment have taken place in this clinic.

Timelines of Guarantee

For works that require changes in time, DAVINCI dental clinic offers you the following timelines of guarantee:

Fixed dental works

  • Dental crowns, dental bridges 8 years
  • Dental incrustations 8 years
  • Dental fillings 10 years

Mobile dental works

  • Partial dentures 3 years
  • Full dentures 2 years
  • Dental implants 7 years

Certificate of Guarantee

The guarantee can be withdrawn or reduced in case the patient does not follow the hygiene and prophylaxis rules necessary for maintaining the validity of this certificate:

  • If oral hygiene is neglected;

  • If the dentist’s indications are not respected (for example, if the full dentures are not worn during night time);

  • If the patient does not return for medical check and prophylaxis every 6 months;

  • If the mobile dental works, such as partial or full dentures are not properly stored or maintained using special products;

  • If the patient has a general medical condition that can have negative effects on the dental health (for example diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, post-chemo condition).We do not offer guarantee in the following situations:

  • For temporary, provisionary denture works there is no GUARANTEE

  • Guarantee is put under discussion if the patient has periodontal affections (physiological atrophy of the dental tissue)

  • There is no guarantee for treatments such as taking out sutures after a surgery or rebasing of a denture

  • There is no guarantee for damage to the dental treatments produced outside the clinic, in cases such as falls, blows, accidents

  • Guarantee is not offered for treatments that have not been fully paid for

Nadi Untila

Pe cît de fricoasă sunt și mă tem de dentist aici am găsit specialiști minunați care știu să te încurajeze.

Începând de la domnișoara de la recepție ce te întâlnește cu zîmbet minunat pînă intri în cabinetul medical este o atmosfera este foarte plăcută. Probabil unica clinică care are grijă de pacienți și după ce pleacă de la ei iar preturile sunt foarte accesibile. Recomand cu încredere.

PS: Mulțumesc mult D-ului Cristian pentru amabilitate și răbdarea de care dă dovadă (știe ce înseamnă comunicare cu pacientul și își face lucrul foarte atent)

Liuba Barbarasa

Am pășit pragul acestei clinici plină de teamă și complexe, dar chiar de la prima vizită au dispărut. Acum sunt îndrăgostită de zâmbetul meu. Nu pot să fiu decât recunoscătoare acestei echipe minunate, care pe lângă profesionalism, m-au cucerit cu calitățile umane. Spun ferm: sunteți atât de minunați !

Anna Gligor

La DaVinci dental clinic am găsit o atmosferă plăcută și relaxantă, de la intrare ești întâlnit cu mult zâmbet și multă amabilitate. Servicii de înaltă calitate, recomand cu încredere. Un mulțumesc aparte domnișoarei Anna Cucovici. 

Tatiana Lazari

După mai multe încercări prin oraș în sfârșit am găsit tot ce căutam în această clinică!!! Recomand tuturor atât maturilor cît și pt copiii dvs!!! Profesionalismul,deservirea,calitatea și anturajul se ridică la cel mai înalt nivel!

Mihail Vrajitorul

Am ales Davinci dental clinic în urma recomandarii unui prieten si am fost foarte multumit de serviciile si profesionalismul cu care sa efectuat întreg tratamentul. Un cabinet stomatologic modern dotat cu tehnologie de ultima generație, unde se prestează servicii de calitate superioara cu produse de la producători renumiți în stomatologie. Personalul clinicii foarte amabil și daruit in ceea ce face. Am efectuat un tratament dentar terapeutic, chirurgical implantologic și protetic în mai multe sedinte la dr. Sergiu Fusu, un medic specialist în ....

Luigi Negri, Italia

Despre turismul dentar și experiența lui Luigi Negri

Eugenia Iovu

Despre tratamentul stomatologic si implanturi dentare. 

Ion Tataru

Calitativ, profesionalism si amabilitate!!! Un anturaj foarte placut cu cei mai buni stomatologi!

Recomand cu drag!

Judy Anderson

There is so much kindness from doctor and staff that is freely given. Their interest in you as a patient is more than dental. They are just wonderful from making appointment to the doctor working with you.

Daniela Dobrovlschi

Sunt foarte mulțumită de tratamentele pe care le-am urmat, de evoluția acestora și de rezultatele obținute. Aici am găsit personal amabil, medici profesioniști și servicii de calitate. Felicitări echipei DaVinci dental clinic. Sunteți extraordinari

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