Davinci Dental Clinic

We, the DAVINCI dental clinic team, developed an Integrative and Multidisciplinary Concept, representing more than just a dental clinic.

Wanting to get closer to the needs of the patients, we set out to transform the vision for innovation into reality: premium treatments of the highest international standards and a superspecialized medical team.


A team of certified international dental specialists ensures, every day, that every patient benefits from advanced dental treatments, beyond the usual experience in the dental office, of a personalized approach, a correct diagnosis and treatment solutions that will give him or her the confidence to smile again! Meet our team!

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Technology. Innovation. Performance

DAVINCI dental clinic is equipped with the most innovative and revolutionary technologies existing worldwide, which ensures the patients with a a fast, minimally invasive, 100% accurate treatment, without pain or discomfort. More details about our Technologies

Advanced Dental Treatment

The main goal of DAVINCI dental clinic is providing to our patients the best dental treatments with a personalized approach, with state-of-the-art procedures, high accuracy aesthetic results, with a team of experts who together with the patient determine which is the best solution.

  • Premium Quality Dental Implants with lifetime guarantee,

  • Periodontal treatments ,

  • sophisticated bone addition operations sinus lifting, bone spliting,

  • orthodontic treaments ( dental appliances for children and adults),

  • fixed denture in 24 hours (implant-prosthetic rehabilitation ALL-ON-6, ALL-ON-4),

  • dental crowns and veneneers from Porcelain and Zirconia,

This are just a few of the therapies made to standards of excellence, satisfying even the most demanding applications. More details about our Dental Treatments

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Why you should choose DAVINCI dental clinic?

It would be easy to boast about the best team, the best dental clinic, but we prefer to let the facts speak, they do more than a thousand words.

DAVINCI dental clinic created a UNIQUE 24H EMERGENCY service in the landscape of dental clinics in the Republic of Moldova
All dental care under a single roof: dental aesthetics, oral surgery and implantology, prosthetics and dental therapy, endodontics and periodontics, orthodontics and pedodontics, as well as radiology and dental techniques. Interdisciplinary, with the best specialists!
DAVINCI dental clinic introduced the Concept of Digital Integral Dentistry into daily medical practice, becoming the fully digitalized dental clinic to international standards. Digital dentistry offers unparalleled precision and increases treatment success rate by up to 100%.
Using the most advanced dental x-ray equipment, revolutionary digital treatment planning software as well as diagnostic photos taken in the clinic's Digital Future Studio, we are able to provide, immediately after the first visit in the office, an accurate and complex diagnosis, as well as the recommended treatment plan, completely customized.
Integrating the digital technologies, minimally invasive, high quality materials, metal-free, micron precision and natural design, the dental work will fit perfectly, to ensure a natural and irresistible smile.
The classic imprinting has been replaced by digital scanning, thus providing a comfortable and precise process. Therefore, we reduce the patient's time in the office for both diagnosis and other treatment-related procedures.
WE CREATE with RESPONSIBILITY BEAUTIFUL. HEALTHY. FUNCTIONAL SMILES At DAVINCI dental clinic, the patient benefits from the approach of a multidisciplinary team, which gathers all the specialties of dentistry under the same roof. Our doctors are certified in Japan, Europe, Russia and the USA and so we, at the local level, can offer services to international standards. The patient is taken over by a coordinating physician, who collaborates with specialist colleagues to cover all treatment needs, the patient being treated not only by a single doctor, but by a whole team.
Most dental procedures performed at DAVINCI dental clinic benefit of CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY ASSUMPTION*. We also offer Lifetime warranty on premium implants. Because the price of a medical treatment should not become a decision-maker in the face of quality!
Short treatment time due to digital technology. You can get a new smile in just 24 hours!
We have implemented a safe and rigorous monitoring and dispensarization system for our patients. Feel the quality control and care we give You!
Dental treatment without pain is a priority for us. DAVINCI dental clinic has the most modern techniques to remove the feeling of fear and pain of the patient: inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide, as well as the general anesthesia. These techniques allow to eliminate the unpleasant sensation associated with the classic dental treatments.
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